Best installation done in this lifetime. Super execution, happy clients

Innovative Glass Solutions is Kenya’s leading companies providing integrated glass solutions in the construction industry.We provide end to end solutions right from processing, fabrication to installation services.
Our mission is to provide our clients with the best possible service and product range at highly competitive prices. We aim to excel in being able to provide with best in class long-lasting solutions for our end clients.
Our quality is second to none within our market as we have an exceptional and highly experienced team, who listen to our clients and purpose to deliver exceptional products and services by developing strong relationships with our clients to help them achieve long term business success.
Today, more than ever we endeavor and embrace new and adaptable technology related to our industry and strive to bring market-leading innovations providing the right blend between daylight and energy saving, visual and thermal comfort, technology and sensitivity and thus supporting a truly sustainable future. Download Our profile

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